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Piano Tuning in Yuma Arizona

Piano Tuning

M.I.B. Piano Service tunes all types of piano’s. Spinets, Studios, Upright, Grands and Player Piano’s. All piano’s tune differently. It is best to call us and talk to us regarding the tuning of your piano and the estimated cost. All piano’s are tuned to A440 unless otherwise specified. Some pianos might cost more to tune. This depends on how long it has been since the last tuning. A piano that has not been tuned for years will need more work to get it to pitch than a piano that has been tuned regularly. Tuning charges are higher for San Luis, Imperial Valley and Wellton (and beyond) areas. We also polish the keys after every tuning. Please call or email us for further explanation on piano tuning prices. We serve the Yuma area along with the Foothills, Welton-Tacna, Somerton, San Luis, El Centro and Imperial Valley areas. Book your tuning appointment on line NOW! Go to “Contact Us” and Book it NOW!

Piano's Moved in Yuma Arizona

Piano Moving

M.I.B. Piano Service moves pianos. We are a Professional Piano Moving Business. We move Spinets, Studio’s, Upright’s, Grands and Player Piano’s. We offer living room to living room service. We serve the Yuma area along with the Foothills, Wellton-Tacna, Somerton, San Luis, El Centro and Imperial Valley areas. Our moving prices vary depending on the size of the piano and the distance of the move. Please call us right away for piano moving quotes! We are waiting to hear from you, Call Us Now! 928-366-1313.

Yuma Arizona Piano Repair

Piano Repair

M.I.B. Piano Service does repairs on all makes and types of pianos. We fix sticky keys, slow hammers, problems with pedals and any and all action work. The only exception is electric pianos and organs, we do not work on keyboards, organs or electric pianos. We offer free estimates. Please call us for information and pricing on any repair you might need. CALL NOW! 928-366-1313.

Piano Refinisher in Yuma AZ

Piano Refinishing

M.I.B. Piano Service refinishes pianos. We have over thirteen years of piano refinishing experience. We can take your old piano and make it look new again. Please call us for estimates on refinishing your piano. Call Us Now! 928-366-1313.

Piano Storage near Yuma Arizona

Piano Storage

MIB Piano Service Offers Piano storage. We will store your piano in an climate controled environment. There is no minimum days. We do have a pick-up and return delivery fee on top of the storage fee. Call us and we will give you prices and detailed information. 928-366-1313.

Piano Disposal

Piano Disposal

MIB Piano Service will dispose of your piano at no charge to you. Piano Disposal does require an appointment for pick-up. Please call us for more info and scheduling. Call Us Now! 928-366-1313.