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M.I.B. Piano Service was established in 1997. We are located in Yuma Arizona. We are a family owned and operated business. MIB stands for, Mathew, Iris and Bill. Mathew moves piano’s, Iris refinishes and repairs piano’s and Bill tunes, moves, repair’s and refinishes piano’s. Bill has tuned piano’s for very satisfied customers as far away as Honolulu, HI., and Las Vegas, Nevada. MIB Piano Service prides ourselves in customer service and satisfaction. Our services includes piano tuning, repairs, moving and refinishing pianos.

Piano tunings are done to A440 pitch. Tunings need an appointment, so when you call for an appointment let us know what type of piano that will be tuned and how long it has been since it was last tuned. This will help us give you a more accurate estimate on tuning. A piano that hasn’t been tuned for two or three years, (or more), is going to need a little more help getting in tune than a piano that has been tuned regularly.

Piano repairs are done on site or in shop. Most repairs can be done at the piano but if more work and specialty tools are needed to do the repair then the piano or sometimes just the action needs to be taken to the shop for repairs. Regulating actions usually requires taking the action out of the piano and taking it to the shop for regulation. If the whole piano needs to go to the shop this would require the pick-up and return delivery on the piano. Please ask us how this works. We are happy to explain the situation to you.

Piano moving is something we have been doing for over forteen years. Our moves are from living room to living room, or maybe just from living room to family room. Whether the piano leaves the house or not, we can accommodate you getting it moved. We have done moves as far as Phoenix and San Diego areas. Please call us to get the correct pricing on moving your piano.

Piano Refinishing. MIB Piano Service has been refinishing pianos since 1997. In this period we have refinished many pianos. From spinets to full uprights to grands. The pianos we refinish are done in hard coat satin lacquer . Please call us for complete information on refinishing your piano today.

M.I.B. Piano Service is committed to customer satisfaction. We value our customers and want them to return to us for future service.

Thank you for choosing M.I.B. Piano Service. We Value Your Business!

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